Friday, August 10, 2012

The Hill Country - coolest places to visit

          Whenever good tea is drunk, the flavor of of Sri Lanka's Hill Country will always be enjoyed, for this ruggedly beautiful terrain which rises from 3,000 ft, to beyond 8,000 ft. is the home of the world's best tea. The route to the hills -whether by road or rail - is a passage through range after range of tea-draped hills; through narrow passes beside deep ravines, over gushing streams.

                     Temperature drop with elevation, and waterfalls create  their own turbulent mist or cascade in the distance in beautiful scenes. Clouds float by you to lay a soft mantle over still unopened buds of tea. The air is mint-fresh, with that aromas of eucalyptus laced with that of fresh, green tea where spring is always in the air.

                     The hill country is sprinkled with colonial hill stations...built by the British planters who opened most of the region first for coffee, then cinchona, and finally tea which conquered.Badulla, Dikoya, Bandarawela, Dimbula, Talawakale, Bogawanthalawa, all these and many more names are linked with the flavor of good tea.


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